When we lost our baby, I looked and looked for a resource to help me process and work through my grief.  I couldn’t find anything beyond some blog posts from some sisters who had been just as sad as me and a whole book or two devoted to the grief process.

The blogs helped me realize I am not alone in my grieving.  I didn’t get the books because I didn’t want to wallow in my grief by only thinking about the sadness.  I was longing to be with Jesus and needed something to help me process my pain and confusion and leave me closer to Him.  I kept thinking of other sisters looking for something like that, so this devotional blog was created out of my need to process and my desire that others have it as a resource, as well.

If you have found other resources to help process the grief of miscarriage and losing a baby, please comment here so we can all have access to more help.

May these devotionals bring you closer to your Healer!

Love, Beth

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