God Comforts Us So We Can Comfort Others

I submitted an article to Celebrate Life Magazine and it was published this month. It’s all about how God comforts us and we can share His comfort with others. It shares part of my testimony and some devotional thoughts.

It’s been nearly 8 years since we lost our youngest in miscarriage and God continues to comfort us as we comfort others. What a kind God!

I’d love you to read the article for yourself and pass it along to whoever needs it. You can find it HERE.

It also highlights the free 2-week devotional, so please pass that along to whoever needs it, as well!

If you are a part of a group of women who is interested in having me come and speak to your group in person or online, please let me know. I want to encourage and comfort as many mamas as I can! You can send me a comment on this blog, email me at trainingyourchild@gmail.com, or message me through my personal website: BethMeverden.com.

Thank you for your love and support for me, my family, and for all the mamas who need this message of hope!